Explosions continue in Rostov area, 800 people evacuated


ROSTOV-ON-DON, April 28. Because of the explosion at the military training ground near Rostov-on-Don 800 people were evacuated. Explosions continued.

As reported, there was an explosion and fire around 7:30 MSK at the Kuzminskiy military training ground in the Myasnikovsky region of the Rostov area. Residents of nearby communities were evacuated.

As the press service of the Southern Military District explained to 161.ru, an emergency at a military training ground was due to inflammation of self-propelled artillery ammunition, which detonated afterwards. Earlier media reported of the three victims among military personnel.

On orders of the Governor of the Rostov region the situation was taken under control. According to the deputy governor Vadim Artemov, operational headquarters for emergency response was created.

According to the authorities, 800 residents of Neklinovsky and Myasnikovsky areas were evacuated to temporary shelters, residents of Priyut, Golovinka, Chkalov among them.

According to Vadim Artemov, explosions are still heard in the village of Golovinka. which is located just in one kilometre from the Kuz’minskii training ground. Its inhabitants were evacuated to temporary accommodation in the village Sambek.

No damage to houses or their windows were reported in communities nearby. The Rostov territorial division of the State Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation has taken control of the area to prevent looting. Traffic movement on the highway Rostov – Taganrog was restricted.

Source: http://www.rosbalt.ru/federal/2015/04/28/1393390.html