In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky the road service fixed a road with plywood (video)


Residents of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky have recently witnessed an unusual spectacle. The road service of the capital of Kamchatka region sealed holes in the asphalt with plywood.

“It was not a joke and not some crazy promotions, but quite serious repair event. It was taking place at Victory Avenue (one of the busiest highways in the city). The workers of the company “Spetsdorremstroy”, leading by a supervisor filled a few deep pits with gravel, put the plywood on top, fastened it to the surface with anchor bolts and proudly retired “- the author writes.

“Design”, he continued, “did not last long. An hour and a half later bolts popped out of the ground, and plywood got loose. The sheets did not even cover the pits, and just laid on the road, creating a disturbance to drivers.”

In social networks two versions of what happened were circulating. The first is that the road builders were ordered to hastily fill holes, as some important official from Moscow had come to Petropavlovsk.

According to another version, which, according to the journalist, is more plausible, is that in the spring when the snow began to melt, it became clear that with the snow the asphalt was gone. And the townspeople, desperate to wait for help from the municipality and the regional government, decided to renovate some parts by themselves. They were planning to start with that exact Victory Avenue. When found out about this, local officials have begun to fuss, sprinkle holes on the avenue gravel and covered with plywood on top.


“By the way, they failed to prevent citizens’ actions. It happened at a different site, since Petropavlovsk has lots of broken roads – almost all of them, in fact” – the author writes. He recalled that three or four years ago the party “United Russia” took responsibility for the repair of roads in the city, sticking their flags into pavers and other road building machines, and promised to repair the roads using “bleeding-edge technology.”