20 builders of “Vostochny” (“Eastern”) space port went on hunger strike


20 employees of the company “Construction Industry-C” working on the construction of the “Vostochny” (“Eastern”) space port in Amur region of Russia announced an indefinite hunger strike with the demand to pay them their salary for 3 months.

As the builders’ statement says, the total salary debt of the company to 311 employees is more than 16 million rubles (more than 300 000 USD).

In their statement, the builders stated that they had no money for living. “Workers are fed by food coupons they received as a credit from one of the construction companies. Their living in a dormitory is also goes as a debt. Workers’ families are in dire straits. They can not leave the site after their shift is over due to the lack of money”, the statement says.

According to the workers, the hunger strike will continue until the debt is paid to each one of those who signed the statement.

Protests at the cosmodrome “Vostochny” began in March. Builders have repeatedly announced strikes, demanding payment. The workers even had to leave a message to President Vladimir Putin on the roofs of huts (at the photo) to draw attention of the authorities to the problem of wage delays. During the “direct line” president Putin promised that the salaries would be paid.

Russia’s Committee of Investigations filed a criminal case. General Director of “Construction Industry-C” was taken into custody.

Cosmodrome “Vostochny” is to be delivered this summer, with the first launch scheduled in late 2015, the first piloted launch – in 2018. However, the media reported that it can be postponed.

Messages at the roofs of huts: “4 months without payment”, “We want to work”.

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