City administration of Zhukovsky (Moscow region) decided to poison a fountain to prevent people from swimming in it


City administration of Zhukovsky decided to put chemicals into the central fountain, reports online media “GOS”.

This is the way authorities have chosen to prevent residents from bathing in the fountain when the weather is hot. “These measures will be taken as a reaction to the fact that some residents demonstrate inadequate attitude to the fountain. It was reported repeatedly that in the hot weather the fountain is used for refreshing and swimming. Also, they have started to bathe pets, e.g. dogs”, – reported the press service of the administration.

Thus, there will be notes placed by the pool saying that swimming in the fountain is prohibited, and the water was treated with chemicals.

It was noted that such measures may harm the citizens, since not everyone reads signs. Also, the spray from the fountain often fall on the people just passing by.

Zhukovsky Science City is located 25 kilometers from Moscow, there is more than 100 thousand people residing in it.