“Transaero” refused to buy Sukhoi Superjet Aircrafts


“Sukhoi Civil Aircrafts” (a part of the United Aircraft Corporation) and the airline “Transaero” suspended negotiations on the supply of aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ-100), said “Interfax” on Tuesday referring to the senior vice president of sales of Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Eugene Andrachnikov.

“Transaero” is not in the list of our customers so far”, – quotes the agency. Andrachnikov explained that “the situation has changed significantly,” and the “Sukhoi Civil Aircrafts” (SCA) is not negotiating with “Transaero”. “But we would like to,” – he said.

SCA and “Transaero” signed an agreement in 2012 to supply 6 aircrafts SSJ-100 including an option for another 10 aircrafts. The deal was estimated at $212.4 million. And in case of options exercise for another 10 aircraft – at $ 570 million.

At May 8, 2015 Russia and China signed an agreement for a Russian-Chinese leasing company to acquire about a hundred SSJ-100 aircrafts from the SCA for a total of $ 3 billion.

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Currently the production capacity is at 60 SSJ-100 aircrafts per year. According to the United Aircraft Corporation, among the competitive advantages of the aircraft is lower cost per passenger transported, higher level of comfort in the new generation cabin and a highly competitive leasing rate that is provided by the government guarantee of residual value.

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