Putin fired the police chief of Novosibirsk region after Navalny’s opposition rally


Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree dismissing the police chief of the Novosibirsk region Alexei Kirillov, who took his office in February 2015, reported “Tayga.Info” on Tuesday, June 9.

The press service of the regional police department told “Tayga.Info” that the duties of the police chief are now performed by the deputy police chief Vyacheslav Pevnev.

Kirillov’s dismissal happened after the rally that was organized in Novosibirsk on June 7 by the leader of the “Progress Party” Alexei Navalny. Prior to the rally a billboard with Navalny’s picture was removed by unknowns. Also, eggs were thrown at him during the press conference.

The rally was timed to the primaries of the Democratic coalition that was scheduled for June 14-15.

A member of the main council of “Progress Party” Leonid Volkov noted in his twitter that the dismissed police chief Alexei Kirillov was responsible for mass events.

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