In Russia’s University of MIA a platoon commander shot a cadet in the head


On June 15 at 5 pm a platoon commander of the 1st year of education of the Stavropol branch of the Krasnodar University of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, while being in the dining room fired his service pistol at a cadet, wounding him in the head, said the site of the Stavropol’s division of Russian Investigation Committee.

A criminal case was filed against the senior lieutenant of police for murder attempt. He was detained.

“Caucasian Knot” quotes a representative of the university that they can not assess the actions of the platoon commander or say anything about any possible motives. A surgery was performed, and the cadet is in intensive care in serious condition.

“Notepad Stavropol” reported the name of the cadet – it is 20-year-old Maxim Bondarenko, and senior lieutenant’s last name is Timashov. Journalists were told at the hospital that if the wounded gets out then most likely he will go blind in one eye. In the university it was said that no one noticed personal animosity between the officer and the cadet.