China demands a “large-scale” resettlement of Chinese to Trans-Baikal region


An article of the senior advisor of China Institute for International Strategic Studies Van Hayyunwas was published recently in Chinese media. In said article he talks about the necessity to change Russian laws for more fruitful cooperation between Russia and China.

Earlier, the authorities of Trans-Baikal Region and the Chinese company “Huae Sinban” negotiated and signed a statement of intent to lend 115,000 hectares of agricultural land to China for 49 years. Van Hayyun qualified these intentions as progress, calling fears of Chinese expansion into Russia absurd.

Van Hayyun’s article raises questions about attracting the workforce for the future agricultural enterprises on Trans-Baikal territory. He claims that without large-scale involvement of Chinese workers such cooperation is doomed. According to him, countries should start mutual consultations and Russia should prepare required legislation for major resettlement of Chinese in the Trans-Baikal region. Talks about China expanding he called a provocation of hostile forces aimed at worsening relations between Russia and China.