40 street performers in Moscow went on “silent protest”


On Sunday, June 28, nearly 40 street performers went on “silent protest” against recent actions of Moscow police. Recently city authorities started massive prosecution of street performers: they are being detained, their instruments are confiscated, courts rule them to pay fines up to 10,000 rubles ($200) for “unauthorised gatherings”.

Musicians went to Arbat street to attract attention of people, media and their colleagues to this outrage. They taped their mouths, instruments, equipment with duct tape, and tied their hands as a symbol of “they are trying to shut us up”.

“We will come there next week to perform a series of “individual picketing”, and will continue coming, and then we will prepare something more serious. We won’t settle until every single “thug with a badge”, and every clerk who unleashes them, is brought to justice,” they declare.

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Source: https://www.facebook.com/oleg.akula/posts/1068533006508828