Bomber Su-24M crashed during take-off near Khabarovsk


MOSCOW, July 6. Bomber Su-24M crashed in Khabarovsk region, two pilots were killed, reports the press service of Russian Ministry of Defense.

“Today at 14:35 MSK while performing a take-off for a routine training flight a Su-24M crashed near aerodrome Khurba (Khabarovsk region). Based on the report from the scene, both pilots were killed”, – reported the ministry.

The ministry also stressed that the plane crashed in an uninhabited area, and there is no destructions on the ground. Meanwhile, it was reported that the bomber was flying with a full ammunition.

“At takeoff Su-24M gained speed cleanly, but after leaving the  runway the plane made a sharp turn to the left, and collided into the ground right after,” – said the press service of the Ministry of Defense. The ministry stressed that the crew performing a scheduled flight was trained on a high level. The plane crashed beyond the runway, its fuel tanks exploded, but the ammunition did not detonate.

The ministry noted that the flights of Su-24M are currently suspended while the reasons of the accident are investigated. A special commission was sent to the scene.

This is the second crash of a Russian military aircraft in a few days: on Friday, July 3, a MiG-29 fell down, but its pilot managed to eject.

Three more military aircraft crashes happened in June this year:

June 6, MiG-29 fell down in Astrakhan region due to explosion on board

June 9, Bomber Su-34 crashed near Voronezh

June 11, Strategic bomber Tu-95 crashed in Amur region



Image: “Sukhoi Su-24 inflight Mishin” by Alexander MishinLicensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.