Family accused of selling poppy seed buns sentenced to 8 years of prison each


The Levoberezhny (“Left bank” – RRT) Court of Voronezh sentenced each entrepreneur from the Polukhins family for more than 8 years in prison for the case of selling buns with poppy seeds.

By court decision Eugenia Polukhina sentenced to 8.5 years a penal colony, Alexander Polukhin – to 8 years and 4 months in a penal colony, Maria Polukhina and Nina Chursina got 8.5 years of colony.

Women were taken into custody in the courtroom (Alexander Polukhin has been in custody for 1.5 years already).

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Thus, the judge Tatyana Lebedeva sentenced women for longer imprisonment time than prosecutors requested, noting the “special danger” of the accused, and the gravity of the charges. No extenuating circumstances were found by the judge.

Earlier, the state prosecution were requesting 9 years of penal colony for Alexander Polukhina, and 6.5 years for his wife Maria Polukhina, their daughter Eugenia, and cousin Nina Chursina.

Entrepreneurs were doing business by baking buns with poppy seeds and sold them in the family cafe.