23 soldiers died in Omsk buried under collapsed barrack debris


The number of victims of the barracks collapse in Omsk has reached 23 people. Rescuers recovered last 2 bodies of soldiers from the debris. At the moment, 21 bodies were identified, 2 more remain unknown.

The day before several floors of a four-storey barracks of Airborne Training Center have collapsed. 45 people out of 337 who were at that time in the building were buried under debris. Most of the rescued men are now in hospital, many of them are in serious and critical condition. According to the Ministry of Defense, 13 injured soldiers are prepared to be sent to main military hospitals in Moscow.

Meanwhile, a criminal case for “criminal negligence” was filed by military investigators. An Omsk resident Vladimir Nastychenko, who previously has taken part in repairing the barracks of Airborne Training Center, told the TV channel LifeNews that a few drug addicts and alcoholics from rehabilitation centre were working in the same team with him. He said that these people did not have necessary qualifications and worked literally “for food.”

Moreover, as LifeNews found out, soldiers were placed in the barracks despite the unfinished repairs. The acceptance commission has found numerous violations in subcontractors’ work, and refused to sign the acceptance act.

Source: http://lifenews.ru/news/157236