Military aircraft An-12 was damaged during an emergency landing in Chelyabinsk


Moscow. July 17. INTERFAX.RU – A military aircraft An-12 landed in Chelyabinsk near the runway and was damaged, reported “Interfax” citing a source from emergency services.

According to the source, the plane was going towards the airfield “Chkalovsky.”

“However, over the Chelyabinsk one of the engines failed, and then the second one. The crew decided to perform an emergency landing at the Balandin airport (Chelyabinsk), but was unable to land on the runway and landed parallel to it on the ground, burying its nose,”- said the source.

It was also reported that no one was hurt as a result of the emergency landing, but the airport had to be closed for a while. A civilian aircraft had to be sent to the alternate airport.




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