A passenger plane caught fire in Simferopol airport


At the airport of Simferopol a plane caught fire and more than 30 passengers refused to fly after the fire was extinguished. Their tickets were not refunded, reports “Crimea 24”.

According to the newspaper, the passengers of the flight Simferopol – Moscow, scheduled for Monday night from the Crimea, approached the plane for boarding and saw it burning  – flames and smoke were coming out of the tail.

“Firefighters approached the liner and destroyed the fire. After a three-hour delay passengers were asked to take their seats on the plane, but about 30 people refused to fly by this “roasted flight”, as they put it, and demanded another board, “- said in a statement.

According to them, the airline refused to meet their demands. They had to pay for new tickets at their own expense. Passengers of the next flight taking off at 4:00 for Moscow confirmed that there were people from the “burning plane” in the cabin.

Source: http://regnews.ru/incidents/chp-samolet-pozhar-823/