“Soon they will kill for a piece of cheese”: elite cheese is now sold in anti-theft boxes in Russia (photo)


Grocery stores started packing cheese in anti-theft boxes to make it impossible to steal. A Russian blogger Ilya Varlamov reports in his blog that mozzarella, parmesan, cheddar, and brie can become an elite gift, a status indicator, and attract criminals.

“Did you notice how cheese is sold in some stores? In a special box with magnetic sensors! Previously truffles were sold like that, or expensive ink cartridges. And now – pieces of European cheese,” – draws attention to the new trend in the grocery business one of the most popular Russian bloggers. – “Probably, it would become a welcome gift, and young people will give it to the girls instead of flowers …”- suggests the young man.


Varlamov makes an analogy with how the fruits are treated in Japan: expensive varieties, for example, square watermelons, or “Ruby Roman” grapes can cost from several hundred to several thousand dollars, and can be presented as a business gift.


“Soon, people will kill for a piece of cheese,” – concludes Varlamov. He also predicts an appearance of a new service: guarding box removal from expensive (and not available in Russia) cheese.

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Images: http://varlamov.ru/1436057.html