Saudi Arabia demanded Russia to stop air strikes in Syria


Saudi Arabia calls on Russia to stop military action in Syria. This was reported by Reuters citing “Al-Arabia”.

As stated at the UN meeting on the night of October 1, the representative of Saudi Arabia Abdallah Al-Mouallimi, Riyadh has expressed “deep concern” over Russia’s actions. According to the Saudis, air strikes were inflicted on the territory where was no fighters of the “Islamic state”, and led to civilian casualties. Al-Mouallimi demanded to “immediately cease and not to renew” them.

“As for the countries wanting to join the fight against the terrorists of the ISIS, [we believe] they have no right to do so until they support terrorism of the Syrian regime,” – said Al-Mouallimi.

Russia launched a military operation in Syria at September 30th. The Defense Ministry reported about 20 strikes on 8 objects of ISIS, and the Russian Foreign Ministry denied reports that the strikes were on the positions of “moderate insurgents” opposing Bashar Assad.

Saudi Arabia is the richest and most powerful state in the Middle East, managed by the Sunni dynasty. In Syria, the majority of the population are also Sunni, but President Bashar al-Assad and the ruling elite of the regime are Alawites (the representatives of the Shiite branch of Islam).