Syrian group “Army of Islam” has declared war on Russia


The organization is reportedly funded by Saudi Arabia.

Islamists promise to fight Russian military wherever they appear in Syria reports The New York Times. According to their information, the militants of the group “Army of Islam”, which is based in the outskirts of Damascus, declared war on Moscow for its support for President Bashar al-Assad. The organization itself is funded by Saudi Arabia and leads an armed fight against the government Syrian forces, and the “Islamic state” as well. According to some reports, pro-Saudi islamists are the largest opposition group in the eastern suburbs of Damascus. The so-called “Army of Islam” (created directly under the control of Riyadh) includes between 17 and 25 thousand people, and armed with armored vehicles, including tanks. The day before the Russian military operation in Syria, Saudi Arabia declared they rejects the possibility of Assad retaining power.

The international coalition’s strikes against ISIS terrorists on Syrian territory are ineffective, said Syrian Ambassador in Russia Riad Haddad. According to him, the militants only enhance the impact and destroy infrastructure. Haddad added that the Russian and Syrian military strike blows at terrorists only, and away from residential areas.



Image: AFP