Google leaves St. Petersburg, closing development facility


ST. PETERSBURG, October 15. Google has closed its development center in St. Petersburg – said Marina Puzanova, the head of the department of commercial real estate of the international consulting company Knight Frank Saint-Petersburg.

“Google has left St. Petersburg. They left their office in August, and it seems to be closed now. They were occupying two floors. They moved employees to different countries: Switzerland, America and Germany”, – said Puzanova.

Google said that the reason for closing the office was “optimization”. This was disclosed by the press service of the Russian office of the corporation.

“This is a regular optimization process, which takes place not only in Russia, but also, for example, in Finland, Sweden, the United States,” – explained Google representatives.

As for the question about the “fate” of employees of the closed development center, the company assured that they “continue to work on projects in other (Google) offices”.

About Google in Russia

In recent years, the St. Petersburg office of Google was occupying two floors of a total area of ​​almost 1,500 square meters in the “Alia Tempora” business center on Mayakovsky Street, in the central part of St. Petersburg. It was reported that the office staff was working on such projects like the Google Toolbar for the Firefox browser, and Google Code Search.

In late 2014, the media reported that the company has decided to close their development center in Russia. According to the experts, the reasons were the new laws that tightened regulation of the Internet industry, including a law requiring all the data of Russian citizens to be stored on servers deployed within Russian Federation.