USA, Turkey and Saudi Arabia refused to help Russia in Syria


US, Turkey and Saudi Arabia refused to coordinate their actions with Russia in the Syrian war, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and reported by “Interfax“.

After the meeting Lavrov said he offered the representatives of the three countries to coordinate military operations in Syria as Russia negotiates them with Jordan. He said that cooperation could be done through agreeing on the lists of terrorist organizations.

“So far our partners avoiding that,” – said Lavrov, adding that Russian and Jordanian military “on a daily basis will be coordinating activities to combat terrorism in the skies over Syria.”

The agency said that after the meeting the foreign minister of Saudi Arabia Adel al-Dzhubeyr announced that his country will support the “moderate opposition”, while the head of the State Department John Kerry called the meeting “constructive and productive”.

Previously Russia regularly offered members of the US-led coalition to coordinate actions in Syria. The American refusal became known after it was reported that the victims of Russian attacks were not the terrorists of Islamic State or Al-Nusra Front, but civilians and rebels fighting Assad.

With the exception of Iraq, Iran, Syria and Jordan, Russia is pursuing negotiations on the safety of Syrian territory, and coordinate flights with several countries-parties to the conflict.