St. Petersburg authorities think about the collective burial of victims of the plane crash in Egypt


St. Petersburg authorities are considering the possibility of collective burial of victims of the plane crash in Egypt. According to the governor Georgy Poltavchenko, the city will provide a place for such a grave, if asked by relatives of the victims, reports RIA Novosti.

“The city will be able to allocate a separate place for the burial of those who died in a plane crash, we are ready to do so,” – said the official.

There are 132 residents of St. Petersburg and 46 residents of the Leningrad region among the victims.

TASS quoted the vice-governor of St. Petersburg Igor Albin who reported that according to updated data, there were 132 residents of St. Petersburg, 46 residents of the Leningrad region, 34 residents of other regions of Russia, 4 citizens of Ukraine, and 1 resident of Belarus onboard.

The aircraft of the company “Kogalymavia” took off from Sharm el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg at 06:51 MSK on Saturday, October 31. At 7:14 the signal disappeared from radar screens, and radio contact with the aircraft was lost. The airliner fell in northern Sinai. There were 217 passengers onboard (including 25 children), and 7 crew members. They all died. Two criminal cases were filed by the Investigative Committee of Russia upon the crash: under Article 263 (violation of safety and operation rules of air transport) and Part 3 of Article 238 (for providing services that do not meet safety requirements) of the Criminal Code.

November 1, Russia declared a day of mourning. In St. Petersburg, the mourning will last until 3 November inclusive.