60 workers were “forgotten” in Russian Arctic, they are running out of food


60 shift workers who built the facilities of the Ministry of Defense of Russia were “forgotten” in Arctic. At the end of September people asked to be brought back to the “mainland”, but no one came.

Currently the workers are still in the village of Cape Schmidt on the shore of the Chukchi Sea. They are running out of food (there are still cereals, pasta, canned meat, and other canned products) and diesel fuel, says “Radio Svoboda” (“Radio Liberty” – RRT).

The people can only be picked up from Arctic by their employer’s helicopters, or by a plane of the Ministry of Defense. Meanwhile, even in good weather conditions evacuation is not being performed. New shift from Anadyr is not being brought as well. According to the latest information, the people were promised that they will be picked up next Saturday.

Source: http://euroradio.fm/ru/v-rossiyskoy-arktike-zabyli-60-vahtovikov-u-nih-zakanchivaetsya-eda