The Federation Council supported the idea to ban flights to Turkey and Tunisia


The Federation Council deputies supported the proposal to ban flights to Tunisia and Turkey. A member of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs Igor Morozov believes that this way the popularity of Russian resorts can be increased.

“Turkey and Tunisia are among the few areas of mass tourism, but these days the level of security in Turkey and Tunisia is very poor,” – said Morozov.

He added that in recent years in these countries the number of the attacks against tourists raised significantly. The senator calls on the Government of Turkey and Tunisia to pay more attention to the safety of tourist areas.

However, Morozov offers to work out an alternative to beaches of Tunisia and Turkey.

“It is necessary to take advantage of the crisis in the current situation and to start developing tourism infrastructure in the Crimea and the Caucasus, – assured the members of the Federation Council. – The government has a real chance in this situation to make local resorts popular, and it has no right not to use this chance”.