Special Forces are sent to Nizhneudinsk city after a conflict between soldiers and local residents


A brigade of Special Forces (Spetsnaz) counting 50 people was sent to Nizhneudinsk of Irkutsk region, where a fight happened on Sunday between soldiers from Tuva and local residents.

Regional Military Prosecutor’s Office is conducting checks following the fight between soldiers and local residents, reports “Interfax” referring to the official website of the city.

According to the available information, on Sunday November 15 a group of contract servicemen of infantry brigade located in Nizhneudinsk came to the central square to protest. As reported by the website of Nizhneudinsk, the reason for the protest was the attack by four unknown locals on soldiers near a store. The soldiers were hospitalized with various injuries. The area around the military base is secured, and police works in emergency mode. The Ministry of Interior Affairs had no immediate comment on the situation.

Source: svoboda.org