USA deployed F15 fighter jets in Turkey to protect air border


The United States sent fighter aircrafts to Turkey to protect the airspace. As described by the Pentagon, a request from Ankara has come after the recent “invasion” by the Russian Air Force.

The first six of the 12 fighters F15S “Eagle” arrived to the Inzhirlik air base in Turkey to protect Turkish airspace after the recent cases of violation by Russian Air Force conducting an operation in neighboring Syria. This was announced at a press briefing on Tuesday by the Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook.

According to him, Turkish government has sent a corresponding request to the United States. A Pentagon spokesman said that the request came in “following the recent violation, we’ve seen from the Russian side, <…> and this request will be satisfied,” he said.

Cook added that these actions of Washington also reflect “our commitment to ensure the security of NATO allies, as well as to weaken and ultimately defeat the “Islamic State” in Iraq and Syria.”

According to Cook, the Inzhirlik airbase will also receive fighter-bombers F15E “Strike Eagle” to support Turkish military in their fight against ISIS.

In early October, Ankara handed a protest note to Russian ambassador in Turkey twice, both for military aircraft invasions in the air space of the country. These incidents have led to a call for NATO Council.

Russian Ministry of Defense has acknowledged the violation of Turkish airspace at October 3, explaining that it happened due to bad weather conditions. The Defense Ministry explained that “Hmeymim air base is located about 30 km from the Syrian-Turkish border, so under certain climatic conditions the entry to the airfield is performed from the north, so the incident is a consequence of adverse weather conditions in the area”.

Later, the Commander of Russian Air Space Forces Viktor Bondar in his interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” (“Komsomol Truth” – RRT) said that a Russian fighter jet violated Turkish air space in early October while making an anti-missile maneuver.

According to him, when a Russian fighter was going along the border with Turkey, plane’s equipment indicated that “some ground air defenses systems are trying to capture the battle machine”. Because of this, says Bondarev, the pilot was forced to make an anti-missile maneuver “in seconds”. “Well, got into the Turkish sky for a bit” – said the commander.

Source: RBC