Syria will consider aggression any actions not coordinated with Damascus or Russia


Syrian Ambassador in Russian Federation said that the authorities in his country will consider aggression any actions of any country in the fight against the ISIS in Syria, if the actions were not coordinated with the official Damascus.

He stressed that the coordination of foreign countries with Russia is equivalent to coordination with the Syrian government.

“Any force, any country that talks about combating terrorism on the territory of Syria, must coordinate their actions with the government army of Syria, and the Syrian government, and this applies to France as well. Any action without coordination with the Syrian government will be considered aggression against the country,” – said Syrian Ambassador in Russia Riad Haddad.

“A very important point: any power or country that coordinates its actions with Russia, automatically coordinating them with the Syrian government. From the very beginning of the crisis Russia has been leading international efforts to eliminate terrorism, and therefore the government of Syria agrees that Russia coordinates with any country in this area. This would be considered an automatic coordination with the Syrian army, “- said the ambassador.

Russia is currently conducting an air operation in Syria against the terrorist group “Islamic state” in response to a request from the President Bashar al-Assad.

Source: Interfax