Protesting truck drivers in Moscow were called “fascists”


Most of the Moscow residents are not interested in the details of truckers protest, but have a general idea of it.

This was reported by citing a Russian journalist Sasha Sotnik. He said that during interviews in Moscow he found out that Moscow residents are aware of the protests, but are not very interested in them. In their opinion such actions will not have any effect that complicates the situation in the rest of Russia. No one expects any faults with food supplies. And one of the respondents even said that protesting truckers “behave as real fascists”.

Earlier it was reported that Russian truckers are protesting in 24 regions of the country. According to them, the state has no right to demand such huge taxes for using the roads, as it turns out that they pay three times for their right to move around Russia.

One of the representatives of the truckers in his address to the Russian president said that he hates the United States, and even participated in “Antimaydan” (the action against Ukrainian revolution “Maidan” – RRT), so he can’t understand how is it possible that Russian authorities treat such loyal citizens like him so badly.