“Black” week in Crimea. One million people without electricity


The blackout of Crimea has already made major changes to people’s lives.

More than a million residents of Crimea remain without power as of Saturday, November 28, said the Ministry of Energy of Russia.

About 831 thousand people don’t have electricity in Crimea, plus about 325 thousand in Sevastopol.

It was also noted that out of 859 socially important facilities in Crimea 839 are connected to the backup power supplies. In Sevastopol, 185 out of 219 objects are connected.

On December 1, sanatoriums and resorts on the peninsula will stop taking tourists, and medical aid to residents of the peninsula will be limited. The exception will be only for children up to three years and soldier recruits, says the Ministry of Emergency in Crimea.

The blackout of Crimea has already made major changes in people’s lives. In some villages of the south coast there was no electricity during all week.

Electricity pylons in the Kherson region, supplying electricity to the peninsula of Crimea and southern regions of Ukraine, have been blown up at the evening of November 20. Also, it was found out that two of the four lines were de-powered, and the rest went out of order on the night of November 22. As a result, the entire Crimea was left without electricity.

Source: Korrespondent.Net