“Ostankino” TV Center got protected with barbed wire


The TV center “Ostankino” was encompassed with barbed wire along the perimeter. A photo was published by journalist Anton Alfimov.

“The work began early in the morning, and is still going on. A half of ASC-3 (the 3rd studio complex – RRT) is already covered. The main building of ASC-1 is not started yet,”- he told to “Novaya Gazeta“.

The television center is located in two buildings, ASC-1 and ASC-3, facing each other.

“This is a normal security measure in connection with the alarming situation in Moscow, in Russia, and in the world – said the spokesperson of the “Ostankino” Denis Nazarov. – We did not receive any additional instructions, and work as usual. This is a preventive procedure, we thought it was necessary”.

The press service of the TV center clarified that this is not related in any way to the threats received from the terrorist organization “Islamic State”.

In particular, Nazarov reminded about the wake-up call to the police station about a week ago, when it was claimed that an explosion device was planted in the TV center.

“After the call on December 5 about a possible threat of a terrorist attack in the TV center, it was decided on additional security measures. Fortunately, the threat has not been confirmed. We treat security issues with maximum responsibility, so the TV station operates normally, in a safe mode. These solutions are used in the largest television center in the world, and theses are normal practices”, – said the press-service.

In addition, starting from November 1, instead of the 5th Regiment of the police that was previously responsible for security, “Ostankino” is now protected by the FSUE “Security” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Moscow.

Source: Novaya Gazeta


Image: Anton Alfimov