Israel destroyed several Russian S-300 missile systems in Syria


As reported yesterday by 7kanal, Russian Foreign Ministry issued a “principled disapproval” of Israel’s air strikes against targets in the Syrian city of Dimas, and near Damascus International Airport.

According to the received information, these air strikes destroyed Russian missiles, and parts of Russian missile systems S-300, that were supposed to go from Syria to terrorists of “Hezbollah”.

Russian Foreign Ministry’s call for Israel’s explanations did not go unnoticed.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon explained as follows:

“Anyone who tries to arm our enemies should know that they cross the “red line”. We will not allow anyone to endanger the security of Israel and its citizens. We are ready to destroy any object carrying a threat to our security at any time”.

The explanation from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was even shorter:

“I don’t care about the tough reaction of the Russian Foreign Ministry”.



  • randy

    The USA stands by and will always stand by Israel. Israel and her ancestors are the headstone for our principal religions of Judaism and Christianity. God Bless Israel!