Turkish Foreign Minister: “We can occupy Russia in 7 days”

In case of a real war with Turkey, the Russian Federation might be fully occupied in just 7 days. Such a statement was made today, December 17, by the Foreign Minister of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu, while speaking on local television, reports the German media AWD News.

It goes without saying that the military scenario would be seriously consider by Ankara only if the diplomatic scenario fails. They are still hoping to reason with the presumptuous Russia without using extreme measures.

“After the downing of Su-24 Russia is doing everything possible to undermine Turkey,” – stated the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu. – “Of course, our ministers behave as experienced and mature politicians, but our patience also has certain limits. Faced with aggressive actions of Russia, we will show neither fear, nor any remorse. Moreover, we believe that if the Russian-Turkish relations can not be put back to normal by diplomatic means, then I can assure you that we can fully occupy Russia in less than 7 days with the help of our regional allies and NATO, which Turkey is a member of”.

It should be noted that the statements of Turkish Foreign Minister are backed with solid facts: judging by the equipment according to the standards of NATO, the Turkish army is several times more superior than Russian army. There are also nuclear weapons in Turkey – belonging to the US though, and received as a part of NATO program. Moreover, Turkey can undoubtedly count on military assistance of other members of NATO, that includes almost all Western European countries and the United States.

The Russian-Turkish conflict, that began after the destruction of a Russian bomber Su-24 that invaded Turkish airspace, goes in a state of constant escalation. In particular, the Russian warship “Smetlivy” recently fired at a peaceful fishing vessel under the Turkish flag in Aegean Sea. A Turkish authorities in response detained 27 Russian ships in various ports.

Source: by24.org


Image: ResoluteSupportMedia