Lavrov: Too frequent elections in the US don’t let them solve important problems


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is confident that the nature of the American electoral system badly affects the prospects of solving major international problems.

“Another thing that affects their (the US – Ed.) actions, no matter how profound and correct their analysis of the current situation is – is, of course, their electoral cycles,” – said the minister in an interview with the TV channel “Zvezda” (“Star” – RRT).

He recalled that in the United States every two years elections are held: presidential once every 4 years, and intermediate, when 2/3 of the Congress changes – the Senate and the House of Representatives.

“For them these are the most important milestones of political life. When we are talking about a country with the most powerful military force, the economy, and the most influence in the world, and every two years there are political elections in it, it happens very often that the most important world problems become hostage to electoral considerations of the current government in the United States, that thinks about how they make their course on the international arena “in the current context”, and score extra points for the candidate of their party, “- said Lavrov.

Source: RIA


Image:, CC BY 4.0