Bellingcat narrowed down the list of involved into MH17 crash to 20 Russian military servicemen


The expert group Bellingcat that performs war investigations of open sources, narrowed down the list of involved in the crash of the flight MH17 in Ukraine in July 2014 to 20 Russian military servicemen. It was told in an interview with NOS by the founder of Bellingcat Eliot Higgins.

The report containing the names and photographs of the Russian military, which, according to the group, were involved in the collapse of the MH17, was sent to the Dutch prosecutor’s office 2 weeks ago. The report will then be sent to the investigative group that is looking for those responsible for the crash of the flight of Malaysian Airlines.

The prosecutor confirmed that they received data from Bellingcat. All the information will pass through the investigative team and, where appropriate, be included in the criminal investigation.

NOS reported that Bellingcat works with the investigative group that includes representatives from the Netherlands, Belgium, Malaysia, Ukraine, and Australia.

Last year, participants of Bellingcat were able to find out that the Battalion 53 of the Air Protection forces from Kursk was involved in the crash. One of them – Sergei M., the brigade commander. Also Dmitry T. was mentioned, and nine lieutenants who were in the “Buk” the day of the crash. There are also referrals to “very experienced soldiers” capable of managing the “Buk” system.

On October 13 the text of the report of the International Commission of the Boeing crash was published. It was said in it that the flight MH17 was hit by a missile from “Buk” of 9M38 series with the warhead 9M314M.

The crash of the Boeing 777 took place on July 17, 2014. A plane of Malaysia Airlines was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. 298 people were killed – everyone who was on board.



Image: Aero Icarus, CC BY-SA 2.0