Blogs: Comparing export volumes of Russia and Israel


Yes, we’ve got to this point))

According to preliminary data of the Institute of Exports, in 2015 exports of goods and services from Israel amounted to $92 billion, which is 7% lower than in 2014.

$92 billion. After the fall of 7%.

And now:

The total cost of crude oil sent for export from Russia in January-July 2015 is nearly $56.23 billion.

If we estimate by the average, then by the end of the year (not taking into account the price drop in the oil market) the Russian Federation gained about $96 billion from oil exports. We should also remember that the share of energy products in Russian export fluctuates between 70% and 90% (depending on world market prices for energy products).

So, here is what we’ve got: tiny Israel, with almost 0 (ZERO) natural resources (gas goes for export only in two years), with their “lousy” population of 8.5 million, and the area of the size of Crimea, manages to export as much goods and services as the whole Russia with its 140 million population sells oil – the main source of income of the whole country?

How is that possible at all?!

P.S.: someone is trying to compare [Russia – RRT] with the United States? With the EU? With China?

Seriously?! :)