Russia, train, scandal: an Israeli was detained suspected in being a member of ISIS


A nasty incident happened with a young Israeli Marc G. during a trip to Russia. While being on a train from Moscow to Cheboksary, an immigrant, an IDF reserve officer, was detained by police, and has gone through many unpleasant moments.

The reason for detaining was the fact that Mark … read a book in Hebrew. According to him, it was seen by one of the passengers, who immediately suspected something was wrong. A watchful Russian woman reported “where it should be”: there is an ISIS agent traveling by the train.

In this anecdotal (as it would seem) situation our compatriot had hard times. Mark was immediately detained by Russian law enforcement officers, and his whole luggage was shaken up. According to the Israeli, he had to testify three times – to various police officials.

At the end, they apologized to him and let him go to his wife and 1 year-old child who were visiting relatives in Cheboksary.



Image: Clay Gilliland, CC BY-SA 2.0