Americans reported on destroying ISIS’ money stock with 2 bombs


US planes destroyed a building where the money supply of the ISIS was kept. Washington believes that the raid may lead to negative consequences for the functioning of terrorists.

As reported by CNN, 2 powerful bombs were dropped on a building in Mosul (Iraq), destroying it completely. CNN’s source in Washington could not say exactly how much money was there in the storage, only saying “we are talking about millions”.

The Pentagon did not specify how exactly they learned about the location of the currency reserves of the Islamic State. According to unofficial sources, the security services have established where the militants were bringing the money, and then started the operation development.

Sources of CNN’s in the US Department of Defense suggested that the destruction of money vault could undermine the financial condition of the ISIS, since the money stored in Mosul were used for paying militants involved in operations in Syria and Iraq.

Until now, American and Russian warplanes have been attacking columns of fuel trucks transporting the oil stolen by militants. According to special services, smuggling is a financial basis of the ISIS. At the same time Moscow says that the oil is sent to Turkey, while Washington have assured that the fuel is being bought by the government of Bashar Assad.

According to UN estimates, the terrorists earn about $1.7 million every day from illegal sales of oil from Syria and Iraq. In order to prevent this practice, the UN Security Council on December 18 adopted a resolution that prohibits the financing of the ISIS.

Source: RBC