Abkhazia declared “trade war” on Turkey


There is another party in the Russian-Turkish face-off: Abkhazia acted against Turkey. In spite of the family ties with the Turks, Sukhum supported Russian sanctions against Ankara.

The Prime Minister of the republic Arthur Mikvabia promised to enforce the control over institutions controlled by the Turks, and to ban them from acquisition of Russian money. Since Abkhazia doesn’t have too much of their own money, Turkish builders who develop the republic using Russian money will, apparently, wrap up their work. In addition, Turkish fishing vessels who used to fish in Abkhazian waters (responsible for about 80% of the whole fishing industry of the small country) will have to go home.

Even though joining Russian sanctions is an induced step for the republic, it is also very painful. Besides Russia, Turkey was the only trading partner of Sukhumi, and now Abkhazia’s hopes are only associated with an increase in financial aid from Moscow.

Source: KP.ru


Image: Tuukka Eskola (under CC BY-SA 2.0)