Gref: Russia lost competition in the global economy


The era of dependence of the world economy from hydrocarbons has gone, and Russia has failed to join the list of the countries ready for technology shift, said the head of Sberbank German Gref at the Gaidar Forum.

“We lost the competition, we must be honest, and this is technological enslavement, – said Gref. – We just happened to be in the camp of countries who lose, the camp of downshifter countries”.

“The countries and people who managed to adapt, and invest in it timely – they are winners today. Countries who did not have time to adapt their economies and social institutions will be losing big time, – concluded the head of Sberbank. And this gap is, unfortunately, more than during the last industrial revolution”.

Gref’s forecast for the future includes a pessimistic description of the crisis in the oil market caused by “radical changes in consumption”: “The era of hydrocarbons is in the past. As the stone age did not end because they ran out of stones, the same way the oil age is over”.

“The future has come sooner than we expected – declared Gref, remembering a test drive of the US electric car Tesla. Today, we are already in the future. Welcome to the future!”



Image: (under CC BY 4.0)