The case of a Russian girl in Berlin: police warns about consequences for libel


Authorities threaten with criminal prosecution for the unfounded allegations against the police in the case of a Russian girl allegedly raped in Berlin. This topic was raised by Russian media and German right-wing radicals.

Berlin police will not ignore baseless accusations in their address spread in social networks in relation to the reports of allegedly raped girl from a Russian-speaking family.

In response to a Facebook comment about the police to use unfair methods to force the interrogated girl to give certain indications, the police wrote on Monday, January 18:

“You say that police officers committed a crime by using prohibited methods of interrogation. We do not leave these statements without comments”.

It further states that the authors of such unfounded allegations can be brought to justice, and appropriate records will be hidden.

In the statement of the Berlin police published on Facebook on January 18 it was said that in recent days users of social networks showed great interest in the case of a short-term disappearance of a 13-year-old girl from the capital district of Marzahn-Hellersdorf, and the circumstances of her absence. Police urged to comply with tact when discussing the topic in social networks. Earlier, police said to DW that investigation has been performed, and revealed no elements of a crime: no kidnapping, or rape.

Neo-Nazis are using this topic to their advantage

Statements that even knowing about sexual crimes of foreigners law enforcement officers do not pursue them are published, in particular, by representatives of the right-wing extremist National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD). On Facebook pages of several branches of the party photographs from the NPD meeting held on January 17 were published. A woman who claimed to be the girl’s cousin spoke on this meeting. She insisted that in contrary to the claims of law enforcement, the crime took place.

Earlier, a number of Russian media reported that on January 11 a few refugees from Arab countries kidnapped and raped a girl from a family of Russian Germans in Berlin. It was also stated that the police allegedly does not investigate this case.