Russia’s current economic situation was named a national security threat


The assistant of the Secretary of the Russian Security Council Sergei Vakhrukov named the elimination of the gap in economic development of the regions as one of the main tasks of the National Security Strategy. This was reported by TASS on Tuesday, January 19.

“The major goals were adjusted, and the main effort will be put to solve them. These goals are the elimination of imbalances in the economy, and reduction of regional disparities in social and economic development of different regions of Russian Federation”, – said Vahrukov.

He added that the National Security Strategy puts becoming one of the leaders in terms of GDP as one of the objectives of Russia’s development.

“The strategic objectives are the development of the national economy, economic security, the creation of conditions for individual development, the transition of the economy to a new level of technological development, Russia’s entry into the number of leading countries in terms of gross domestic product, and the successful opposition to the influence of internal and external threats,” – said Vahrukov.

The new national security strategy was signed by President Vladimir Putin on December 31, 2015. Among the main threats to Russia’s security strategy were named low competitiveness, and economic dependence on raw materials. Also, the practices of overthrowing legitimate regimes, and “color revolutions” were mentioned as a threat.



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