Foreign Ministry of Israel clarified its position regarding the Crimea


The Israeli Foreign Ministry has clarified its position regarding the Crimea. The Ministry recommends its citizens to respect Ukrainian laws regarding the peninsula annexed by Russia. This was stated on January 19 by Israeli ambassador to Ukraine Eliav Belotserkovsky.

According to him, the Israelis are informed about the prohibition of conducting commercial activities on the territory of Crimea after its capture by Russians in 2014.

“We have a very clear position on the Crimea: we constantly spread the information that the companies who enter the Crimea not obeying the Ukrainian legislation, and carry out commercial activities there – those companies commit a crime according to Ukrainian law. Most people in Israel know it”, – said the ambassador.

The diplomat acknowledged that private companies do not always follow the recommendations of the government, “thus they accept all the risks.”

“It is very difficult to control it by 100%, but our goal is to inform people and companies that their actions can be punished”, – added Belotserkovsky.



Image: James Emery (under CC BY 2.0)