USA and Turkey are ready to send troops to Syria


Only a month ago president Barack Obama said that the US will not get involved in a large-scale war in Syria and Iraq, as this will cause casualties among the troops.

However, his position was revised after the publication of the Owen’s report. The fact that the US is considering the possibility of military action has been reported. However, it was just become known that the ground operation will also be attended by Turkey. Earlier, Russia stated that the entry of Turkish troops into Syria would mean a declaration of war on Russia.

According to Reuters, during his visit to Turkey the US Vice President John Biden said that the United States and Turkey are ready to begin a joint ground operation in Syria, if there is no political settlement in the near future.

At the same time hopes for a political settlement are shrinking every hour. The Syrian opposition has already announced an ultimatum that they will not sit at the negotiating table before Russia gets out of Syria.

Although the United States and Turkey have agreed on their positions in support of the Kurdish forces involved in the war, Russia still categorically refuses to recognize the Kurds supported by Ankara as the participants of the negotiation process.

Currently, the United States have already begun deployment of their troops in the territory controlled by Kurds, and intend to deploy an air base there without waiting for negotiations to start.

In recent days NATO also announced that it does not exclude a military operation in Syria.

It should be noted that currently the Russian air force strikes precisely on the rebels, who is going to be supported by the ground operation of the coalition.

Therefore, Russia will either have to shut down its operations in Syria, or enter into an open military confrontation with NATO.



Image: U.S. Embassy, Jakarta (under CC BY-ND 2.0)