SBU intends to reveal all the KGB agents


The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) is ready to declassify the archives of the department. This was announced by the head advisor to the chairman of the Service Markiyan Lubkovsky.

“We are ready to declassify all the files, and show the public who was, and who wasn’t a KGB agent,” – he said.

Although, Lubkivsky did not provide any specific date when the documents are going to be declassified.

Earlier, the Minister of Justice Pavel Petrenko said that under the law of lustration, certain categories of citizens under the age of 37 years will be inspected. According to him, “there is no sense to check people who were born after 1977, and who were 14 years old at the time Ukraine gained independence”.

As reported, a law on lustration (“the cleansing power”) came into force on October 16. Officials are subjects under this law if they: have been elected, and worked on managing positions of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, or in leadership positions of Comsomol of Ukraine; or they were full-time employee, or an unofficial agent of the KGB.



Image: Antonio Campoy (under CC BY 2.0)