South Korean intelligence: Parts for North Korean missile came from Russia


Director of the National Intelligence Service (NIS) of South Korea’s Lee byung-Ho said that the components of the long-range missile launched by DPRK came from Russia,  reports TASS on February 7.

“As a representative of the intelligence said, with this launch North Korea was able to accumulate new knowledge in the area of separation of rocket stages, system control, and other areas of intercontinental ballistic missiles,” – said the chairman of the parliamentary Committee on Intelligence Chu Yong Ho.

Another MP of the Committee Lee Chol Woo said that they were informed about the possible assistance of Russia to the DPRK in obtaining the necessary technologies.

“We were told that in NIS’s opinion North Korea certainly did something by themselves, but important parts (for missiles) are likely to have been received from Russia, and there is a large amount of information in favour of this,” – said Lee Chol Woo, referring to the words of the director of NIS Lee byung-Ho.

On February 7 North Korea announced a successful launch of the rocket with the satellite for Earth observation Kwangmyongsong-4.

Source: Kasparov.Ru