Belarus and Lithuania joined the “Silk Road” bypassing Russia


The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine signed a memorandum with Lithuania about merging projects “Silk Road” that goes through Ukraine to China, and the “Viking” project. This was reported by “Interfax-Ukraine” referencing the press service of the Ukrainian government.

“This means that to our cooperation with the European Union, and the implementation of the Agreement on free trade zone, not only Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and China will join the “Silk Road”, but also member countries of the European Union,” – said the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

The “Viking” project was launched in 2003 on the initiative of Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine. Towards Ukraine container trains delivers appliances, machinery, tractors, polyethylene, products from ferrous metals, in the direction of Belarus and Lithuania – rubber, metal products, and ferrous metals, and in the direction of Latvia and Estonia – ferroalloys. The way of 1734 km takes 52 hours.

On January 15, 2016 Ukraine sent its first container train from the port of Ilyichevsk to China through this new so-called “Silk Road” cargo route that goes through Ukraine, Bulgaria, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and China. The train’s way to the Chinese border took nearly 16 days.

Source: Gazeta.Ru