Human rights activists accused Russia of using cluster bombs in Syria


As follows from the report published today February 8 by the international human rights organization Human Rights Watch, cluster bombs banned by the international law were used during the joint Syrian-Russian military operations in Syria.

According to the report, starting from January 26 these bombs were used in 5 provinces of Syria during at least 14 military operations, including the air strike on a military hospital in the town of Anadan in the north.

Human rights activists claim that cluster bombs were used in the fighting for the establishment of control over strategic areas in the provinces of Aleppo, Damascus, Idlib, Homs and Hama. It was also reported that at least 37 civilians became victims of these attacks, including 6 women and 9 children, and dozens of people were injured.

The corresponding report is based on the testimony of witnesses, and documents provided by medics and journalists. The report calls on Russia and Syria to stop the use of cluster bombs.

Russia, in turn, rejects accusations of the use of cluster bombs during air strikes in Syria.

Source: Rosbalt


Image: Ministry of Defense of Russia