Buildings were demolished in Moscow while people were inside (video)


The Russians have once again demonstrated their “humanity” while fulfilling the decision of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin to demolish allegedly illegal trade objects on the streets of the capital. Today, February 9, some of the buildings were destroyed at night by heavy equipment despite the people inside, who did not want to leave their private property. Also the power supply was not cut, so it could lead to various tragedies.

In particular, outraged residents of Moscow posted a video of the demolition of a private store in the centre of the capital. It shows that the authorities gave an order to an excavator operator to proceed with the destruction of the structure even though the owners and the staff were inside. In addition, power lines were not disconnected. In only a few seconds there might have been casualties, but the police officers who were “working” on the spot did not care too much about a real prospect of becoming murderers. In the end, people were dragged out of the demolished buildings by strangers.

According to the Moscow government, 104 buildings were subject to demolition in the “Night of Long Scoops” (as local residents called these illegal measures). At the same time their owners had not only all necessary documents issued by the same Moscow officials in exchange to huge bribes, but also court decisions, according to which commercial buildings in these areas were considered their legitimate private property. In some cases they were multi-storey buildings, connected to all communications – water, electricity, and sewage. Of course, it would have been impossible if the structures were illegal indeed.

The Russian Orthodox Church has already reacted on the incident. It agreed that the decision of Moscow authorities were absolutely correct, and offered to build Orthodox churches instead of demolished shops, restaurants and service facilities. Apparently, to clericals’ opinion these useless constructions could be a big help during the crisis in the economy.