Merkel was “shocked” by the results of Assad’s offensive with Russia’s support


German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that “not just shocked, but stunned” by the suffering of the civilian population caused by the offensive of the Syrian army with the support of Russian air strikes. Merkel’s comments were made at a joint press conference with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu after talks in Ankara.

“In the last few days we’re not just shocked, but stunned by the suffering of tens of thousands people they are experiencing from the bombing, including air strikes by Russia,” – quotes Reuters.

Earlier on February 8 the agency reported that the Syrian army has advanced towards the Turkish border during an offensive operation. With reference to statements of the rebels, locals, and observers, the agency notes that the Syrian military and its allies among Iranian militias are now about 25 km from the border with Turkey.

It was also stressed that the key role in the ground operation was played by militias from Iran. In addition, Russian air strikes have intensified.

Russia was earlier accused of deaths of civilians caused by its air strikes in Syria. Russian Defense Ministry has repeatedly rejected these accusations, stressing that its air strikes are aimed exclusively on the positions of the ISIS and other terrorists.

Source: RBC


Image: (under CC BY-SA 2.0)