Politologist suggested to cancel elections, so hungry people won’t vote “wrong”


Under external economic and political pressure, the Russians can get confused, and choose the “wrong power”. This is how a politologist has justified his proposal on the abolition of the presidential and parliamentary elections in Russia that he has sent to the State Duma.

The head of the Institute of Political Infrastructure Analysis (IPIA) Eugene Tunik, who is not too known to the public, wrote a letter to the chairman of the lower house of the Russian Parliament Sergei Naryshkin with a proposal to rewrite the Constitution. The proposed amendments allow cancelling of the elections of parliament and the head of state. According to the author, electoral moratorium should be introduced for a period of “economic pressure from the West”, and will protect Russia against unwanted change of power.

“I am writing … with a request to immediately consider introducing amendments … that will protect Russia from the regime change, inspired from outside, and the collapse that will follow,” – says Tunik.

According to the author of the letter, during the economic crisis, and the decline in living standards of ordinary Russians, “pro-Western, hostile to Russia, and even extremist forces” may take the power.

The essence of Tunik’s amendments is that in the case of the introduction of martial law, emergency, or crisis mode, the period of activity of president and members of the lower house of parliament is extended for up to six months after the cessation of the special situation.

In addition, a representative of IPIA proposes to amend the procedure of impeachment of the president. Currently, one third of MPs votes is sufficient to initiate such a procedure, and two thirds of the deputies must approve the proposal. Tunik offers to raise the bar: for starting an impeachment at least half of the deputies should subscribe, and at least three-quarters approve.

Source: MK