“We do not sell bread to invaders”: Russian truckers are not served in Ukraine


The drivers of blocked Russian trucks in Ukraine are not being served in grocery stores. This is reported by Russian media.

“When we were stopped, we went to the store, and there we were told: “we do not sell bread to invaders”. That’s the attitude,” – said a driver of the company “Trans-Forest”.

According to him, Ukrainian activists who block passage of trucks, do it openly.

“They do not hide, do not wear masks, and don’t mind being photographed. They say: “We do not hide. You have nothing to do in Ukraine, you are invaders,” – said a Russian trucker.

Many truckers’ passage permit expired not only in Ukraine, but also in Russia, added a driver of the company “Trans-Forest”.

A campaign to block the passage of Russian trucks has started in many Ukrainian cities.

Source: inforesist.org