S-400 were unable to protect the missile base in Damascus: they didn’t react to an attack


Israel struck at the missile base in the suburbs of Damascus, allegedly belonging to Hezbollah.

According to IDF sources, the strike of Israeli tactical missiles was aimed at Tockka-U missiles, sent from Russian recently to arm the terrorist organization Hezbollah. Knowing that the new ballistic missiles impose a threat to the civilian population of Israel, the ьшдшефкн command decided to destroy the weapons storage.

The report on hitting targets near the military base of the Syrian army sounded on the “Al Arabiya” TV channel (UAE).

At the same time, both Russian-made S-400 air defense systems deployed in the Damascus area simply did not notice the attack, and ignored it completely. In total, the base was hit with 3 high-precision tactical missiles of the Israeli army.

Source: rusjev.net